Multimedia Solutions

At IHuS Research, we create custom multimedia solutions for your advertising, marketing or elearning needs. We help you leverage the USPs of rich multimedia to drive band recognition, increase sales, and even boost employee morale in your organisation. Whether you are a start-up looking for a one-off video on your offerings, a media firm needing interesting presentations on a daily basis, a conglomerate trying to move training to elearning platforms, or an educational institute looking for rich media learning materials, our solutions will fit you perfectly.

Multimedia Solutions for Advertising and Marketing

IHuS multimedia solutions for advertising and marketing show your product or service to the world in the way you imagined it. Our designers, content creators, voiceover artists and editors create the perfect service / product demo video or presentation for you. You can use this file on your website, on file sharing sites such as Slideshare and on video channels such as YouTube. You can also share these files with others via email, cloud sharing or chat. A well-made video will win you accolades, help you build your business and increase sales.

eLearning Solutions for B2B and B2C

Our multimedia solutions for elearning allow you to impart information and education in the smartest way possible. People as a rule are more responsive to visual or audio information. Moreover, their retention ability also increases significantly when they see or hear rather than read. Our elearning videos are designed after considering several factors such as the subject matter, audience, how the presentation will be shown, your learning management systems (LMS) and so on. Our focus on these factors gives you videos that also help build your brand.

Extensive Expertise Across Industries

Some of the sectors we cater to include accounting, banking and insurance, education, manufacturing, service industry, technology, and travel & hospitality. Our team has extensive experience in each of these markets and can deliver insightful visually engrossing multimedia products within a short turnaround time.

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