eLearning Solutions

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What We Offer

We offer custom elearning solutions that are designed for your specific needs. Each product is developed considering your inputs, the subject matter, the type of audience and the end-objective. We also take into account other factors such as the environment where the elearning presentation or video will be used, the type of information that has to be shared, the level of technical prowess or knowledge that will be needed to understand the elearning presentation or video and so on.

Small to Long Videos

Our elearning videos and presentations range from those with sub-1 minute run-time to longer ones of 1 hour or more. The duration is determined by factors such as the ones mentioned above. We incorporate various elements such as an intuitive and easy flowing script, visual elements such as rich 2D or 3D designs and/or CGI graphics, quizzes, games, additional resources, and background scores and voiceovers, as required. However, it all starts with us understanding what you need. 

Custom Methodologies for Better Management

We create custom methodologies that form the basis of the elearning content, now and in the future. These methodologies are defined with your inputs. We additionally review them on a regular basis so that they remain relevant and form the basis of all your elearning initiatives. Some key components of these methodologies include generic and specific guidelines, processes and procedures, among others. 

Innate Understanding of Audiovisual Elements

As you are aware, creating effective elearning content requires specialised skill-sets. Everything from the colour scheme and visuals to the story and background score play a crucial role. Any of these factors can by itself or along with other elements make or break the elearning content. We understand this criticality of each factor, and choose elements that work for you and your business. 

Enhanced Compatibility and Scalability

One of the key and often missed aspects of elearning is the compatibility with your learning management systems (LMS), legacy architecture, any standards you follow such as AICC, SCORM, Tin Can API or xAPI, and the desired goal of the elearning presentation. To give a simple example, if you run an educational institute and want your students to access the elearning content from anywhere and anytime, then you have to consider several factors. These include, among others, the ability to use the content from multiple locations at the same time, compatibility with your existing software systems and hardware configurations, the size of the file that will affect loading time and bandwidth requirements, and so on. With us to help, you can be rest assured that such factors will form the basis of the methodology we create for you. Moreover, each file will meet these requirements.


Our elearning solutions are custom designed for you. For more details on how we can help, please contact us on +91-8800 ### ### (Monday through Friday) or [email protected], and we will get back immediately on how we can enhance your elearning efforts. You can also use our Contact Us form to leave your requirements and we will get back at the earliest.