Explainer Videos

Why Explainer Videos?

The emergence of YouTube has popularised presentation videos and revolutionised the advertising and marketing, and media and communication industries. Though, businesses have taken some time to catch on, the popularity of the video sharing platform and other such sites, has meant that more and more players are using videos to talk to their audience.


There are multiple reasons for this popularity, including the ubiquity of smartphones and cheap data plans, but the primary reason remains the effectiveness of the medium. For example, what you show in a well-made video will be more impactful than what you say in your website’s product page. Our video presentations are meant to help you get that impact for your products and/or services. 

What We Offer

We create custom explainer videos that use proven viewer engagement ideas and interesting easy-to-follow storyboards that ensure your explainer videos are remembered and referred to time and again. We have an enviable expertise across various industry verticals and geographies that works on your behalf. Whether you run an educational institute for schoolchildren or spearheading AI efforts for the next generation of mobile phones, we can create videos that make it extremely easy for you to connect with your audience. 

Expertise that Works for Your Benefit

At IHuS, we understand how a explainer well-made video can be the difference between flagging sales or your business becoming a unicorn. We use the most engaging interface, storyboard and design to create presentations that invite and hold the viewer’s attention. Everything from the script, storyboard and design to the background score, voiceover and effects are custom designed. 

Involving You from Start to Finish

Moreover, we involve you from the word go. All details are finalised after considering your inputs and the end-objective. This integrated approach allows us to turn around work faster, sometimes in as less a timeframe as 2-3 business days. 

Focus on Quality

Whether it is a short animated video or a longer instructional offering, our team can build products that do more than their immediate job–their quality also helps build your brand image and help drive sales growth. 

Industry Knowledge at a Budget

We can cater to industries across the entire A-Z spectrum from accounting and finance to web 2.0 and beyond. Whether you are a hospitality player looking to showcase your services or a software company showcasing your app for users, we can take care of all your requirements. Our cost structure has been designed keeping your needs in mind–so you can be rest assured that your budget will not be stretched when we work with you. Our obsessive focus on quality and timely delivery will additionally give you results that will astound you.

Contact us to know more of our learner videos. You can also visit our YouTube channel for some examples.