About What We Write

This post unlike anything else we have been putting up recently is more in the nature of an introduction to what we write on our blog. We think it is the right thing to do, i.e. to let you know that what we write about has some context. The fact that we are doing the ‘right thing to do’ some months (or years) after we should have done so is neither here nor there.

If you are one of the rare few who read our blog or have stumbled on it by mistake, then you are likely to think that we do not have any clear theme on which we write (more on this later). One day we may be writing about Google’s latest update and another day we may be writing something on content writing. The reason behind this is simple – we are highly influenced by what we read online (which we do a lot) and more times than not, we want to say something about it. In some instances, it is an original train of thought but other times, it is highly likely that someone or the other may have voiced (or will voice) an opinion that will be the same or similar in some way to ours. Though we do not like to think that someone else may have already (or will in the future) put up something along the same lines as us, the genesis and proliferation of ideas thanks to the frenetic internet means that someone probably already has (or will). Okay, no more tense words about the past (or the future) in long convoluted bracketed sentences.

Then there are times when we put up something that reads more like a ‘how to’ SEO post rather than an original idea or analysis. This usually happens when there has been some form of a debate on the topic among ourselves and we think it is brilliant to put it up as a post rather than let all the hot air go to waste. So there!

We also realise that despite the explosion of content on the web, there are still questions that are left unanswered in the pursuit of self-promotion or link-building. Though we do not frown on such practices – despite what purists may say, promotional or link-building content that appears as answers to questions across the web help small businesses survive and even thrive and there is nothing wrong in trying to earn an honest living – their popularity usually leaves the primary questions unanswered. We try sometimes to answer these questions. (Please note the stress on try.)

Also, in case you were wondering (you definitely were not!), there is a common theme that runs across all that we write about. All our blog posts are related directly or indirectly to what we do. If you are not aware of what we do, let us enlighten you. We offer content solutions for the web (this includes content like blogs, articles, infographics, etc.), technical content, explainer videos, voiceovers, e-learning solutions for industries and the education sector, digital marketing solutions (SEO, SMM, PPC, you name it) and research and consultancy services. So all our blog posts will be on these topics or something related to them. We have not written much on e-learning, research or consultancy, but we will try to do that as we move along.

So that’s all there is to what we write about, which is neither here nor there.

This post originally appeared on our earlier website: ihusresearch.com