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Domain Name

You choose the website name you want. If it is available, you get it free year after year

Fastest Hosting

Get the world’s fastest hosting from SiteGround. Recommended by experts and used by the best

Lead Gen Forms

You get powerful lead gen forms that make it easier to collect leads from your site and grow your business

Complete Set-Up

Everything is taken care of for you. All you need to do is give us your logo and choice of domain name

SSL & CDN Set-Up

Your Free SSL ensures your website remains safe and secure. Free CDN makes your site lightning fast

Premium Platform

Your website is built on Premium WordPress themes that are ranked as the best among all themes


Get queries on WhatsApp / Telegram right on your phone. Make lead collection seamless and real-time

Top Rated Add-Ons

You get a number of top-rated CRM, mail, etc. plugins that turn your site into a powerful business tool

Full Admin Rights

You get full admin rights. There are no limits on how many users you can add to manage or use your site

Unlimited Emails

There are no limits on how many email users you can add. You and your team get fully official email IDs

Unlimited Pages

You can create as many pages or blog posts as you want. Duplicate old pages or posts or create new ones

100% Customisable

Modify your site the way you want. Create a store, build a forum, add images, videos, change design, etc.

No Bloat, No Caveats, No Limits

Premium Website for Businesses

Curated to Give You the Best


Us @ ClickBiz

Premium Fully-Built Full-Scale Website
Built on Top-Rated Super-Fast Theme
Expert Recommended Hosting
Bloat-Free and Performance-Driven Code
Free Lead Gen Set-Up (WhatsApp, Forms, Auto Email Replies)
Free Custom Domain (purchased in YOUR name)
Free Set-Up, Deployment & Management
Free WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber/Direct Call Set-Up
Full Unlimited Admin Rights
Fully Customisable – Add/Modify Pages, Blog Posts; Change Design, Style, Font, Colour
Fully SEO-Ready with Premium Plugin for Unlimited Marketing
Discounted Content & Marketing Services
Clear Cut No-Hidden Upfront Pricing

Plus, Only for You: Super Discounts

Discounts on All Our Value-Added Services

Website Content

Our custom content services help you speak to your intended audience and get your message across

Newsletters & Blogs

Reach out to your followers, donors, partners and other stakeholders with regular posts and emails

Custom Website Dev

Get a custom website with its own unique design and UI. We design and develop exactly what you need

SEO Services

Build a strong web presence with our SEO services. Choose a plan that make sense for your budget

How it Works

Steps to Get Your Premium Website


Select a Design

First, choose one website design from the range of 40+ options. Each design is customisable as you prefer


Buy Your Design

Next, make your purchase. You can use credit or debit cards, net banking, UPI – whatever is easier for you


Domain, Email…

After you buy your design, we will send you an email where we ask you for 5 domain names you like, names of website admins and emails Ids you want



We will purchase your shortlisted domain name in your name, confirm to you the same and start developing the website design you chose


Set-Up, Content…

After the website is set up with premium ad-ons, we create any content that you may have bought from us and upload the same



Finally, we deploy your website and you get your email Ids and full admin access rights to your new premium website

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You May Have Some Questions

Unlike us, every website or website builder comes with limitations – limited features, pages, hosting quality and capabilities.

Not with us.

With us, there are really no limits. You can use our designs as they are or create something entirely new.

(For ease of reference, we have compared what we offer versus others in a section above.)

Everything we mentioned like hosting, a regular domain name, set-up, and premium add-ons you get for free. You also get site management and maintenance services.

The only limitation is that we cannot give you a premium domain like, say, Insure.Com, Earth.Cars, AtoZ.Co, or, as they are priced higher than regular domains.

Here is what you get for free with the premium website package:

  • Domain Name (approx. $10-20 a year)
  • Hosting (approx. $48-180 a year)
  • Premium Theme, Add-Ons ($100-350 a year)
  • Set-Up and Site Management ($150 a year)

They are not sold separately. You get a package with all these free features and services. This takes care of multiple requirements that give you a fast secure website to build a strong online brand.

Yes, we use premium WordPress themes. We usually build your website on the best 1 or 2 themes in the market after duly testing them for strong coding, security and speed. You get all the features and functions of these premium themes.

This is a call you will have to take. We don’t have anything to say here.

If you are unsure, we ask you to go with others. We want you to be happy with us. If you doubt what we offer, you will always have a ‘what if?’ question in your mind, and that is not something we would like you to have as an experience with us.

As to what we offer in case you are undecided: Setting up and running a website is complicated. From ensuring different software are up-to-date and can work together to being aware of advances in different technologies and platforms, you will have a lot to cover. Plus, the premium themes, add-ons and design-dev costs will add up to a lot more than our price.

But you take the call.

You pay for only the website package using cards, net banking, UPI, etc. on the payment gateway. The cost is for the full year. Renewal cost is given for each product. We inform you at least a month in advance before your subscription expires.

It is similar to an online store. You add the chosen website to your cart, add any optional services (web content, blogs, SEO, etc.) and make the payment. Once we receive the payment, we mail you the confirmation and contact you for domain name choices, set-up, etc.

You can cancel your subscription within 3 days of purchase. After that, cancellation is not possible as we would have already bought your domain name, incurred costs on the premium add-ons, and set up your website. Your site is up and running within 1-5 business days.

Think of a website as a flowering plant.

The flower, leaves, stem are the front end of the website, i.e. what everyone sees.

The roots are the unseen backend, where one can add pages, change images, etc.

Think of the pot holding the plant as the hosting, the domain name as the label you put on the plant, and our development, set-up and management and maintenance services as the gardening services where we plant the seeds and take care of the plant so it grows up strong and healthy.

So, in essence, you get the plant, the label. the pot, and the gardening services at the discounted price of only the plant.

Yes, you get free support for website management. You will also receive free technical help if needed from the hosting provider.

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