From Zero to an Industry Icon

Our Breakthrough solution takes a brand, a business, an organisation, an individual, etc. from obscurity or near obscurity to being a well-known brand or industry leader.

The solution utilises the power of emerging channels and niche content to create solutions that make sense to diverse cohorts of early adopters. This adoption helps spread awareness among the public. This is further accelerated by niche content that appeals to loyalists and new fans, and helps build and cement the brand reputation of our client.

As more and more noise engulfs us through TV, radio, newspapers, emails, social media, et al, it has become critical for anyone seeking a loyal base of fans to speak sense and make it heard above the din. Our Breakthrough solution is not a one-off process but something that requires innumerable repeats and modifications to the delivered content to make it keep adding value over time.

Our solution utilizes various channels to create and build the momentum and give it enough boost for our client to break through the competition, or simply make a statement.

Video Channels

YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing channels are a very undervalued but strong platform for someone to create a brand. Though viral marketing is what everyone talks about, in the real world the next viral campaign wipes out the earlier one within a few moments. What sustains is the repeated delivery of value adding content that go beyond viral marketing and instead focuses on actual sensibilities.

Audio Podcasts

Podcasts are slowly gaining traction as media creators look for different ways to reach a larger audience. Since podcasts cater to a niche audience, appealing to the sensibilities of a cohort or two among the listeners allows one to create a niche but more loyal fan base than what can expect from the larger public. The result is an increasing ability to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Influencer Leveraging

Even as influencer marketing passes over the hump of peak popularity, its decline from being the go-to platform makes it a very good option for businesses to seek out a niche but larger audience. The reason being: the influencers who will continue will be those who are passionate about what they do and not simply seeking the next big thing. They will have late adopters who have become a loyal fan base and will lend a deeper level of understanding to what is offered by a business that reaches out to the influencer’s community.


The power of social to reach out, engage and wow remains as strong as before. People may turn away from it because of the media glut but it still retains the power to engage one-to-one, something that is not available with other platforms. Our Breakthrough solution leverages the power of connection that is instinctive of social media to help a business or an individual to connect, care and stand apart – qualities that attract customers and keeps them engaged.


Advertisements that are based on psychographic and demographic mapping always deliver better results than generic TV ads. Our Breakthrough solution uses the radical power of ads to deliver strong uncluttered messages that stand out and help establish a brand or an individual in the public eye. Re-targeting and re-purposing it gives better ROI than what is otherwise possible.