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2000+ projects, 10+ years

Editing, Proofreading, Rewriting and Content Management

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We deliver all three services plus content management

We offer content solutions including editing, proofreading, rewriting and content management for mid-size businesses and individuals such as students, researchers and professionals

Custom Content Solutions

The Way You Want It. At the Time You Want It

We offer academic and non-academic content solutions including editing, proofreading, rewriting and content management solutions. We cater to mid-size businesses, and individuals such as students, researchers and professionals. We offer solutions for finance, business studies, economics, legal studies, medical, healthcare, scientific studies, among others

We have been engaged in creating and editing financial, business and legal reports, papers, articles and blogs for over 10 years for students, researchers, professionals and businesses. Till date, we have completed over 2000+ projects and edited over 3 million words.

We focus on delivering best-in-class customised content solutions. We understand and cater to the requirements of both academic and business stakeholders and deliver superlative value to our customers each time. Our team has experience in investment banking, business research and legal studies, having worked with some of the top banks and multinational companies.

  • We deliver results based on the pricing you prefer and the delivery timeline you want.
  • For every project, the first thing we do is understand what you need as the final product, the challenges and constraints you face and the delivery timelines that work for you.
  • From fixing grammar and spelling errors to polishing and formatting the content to be easy to read and yet in-depth, our editors ensure you get the best. You get 3 layers of editing services from subject matter experts. This ensures error-free language, grammar, structure and flow.
  • We focus on meeting the highest quality standards that can be achieved by native English speakers with advanced degrees.
  • Our Plagiarism and Quality Assurance Check ensure your paper, report, article or blog is unique and carries its voice loud and clear above the surrounding noise.
  • You get a specific contact person who will stay in touch with you, coordinate with you for any reference or source material, answer your queries and keep you updated.
  • We ensure your essence stays in the edited paper and your voice shines through, ensuring that there is no doubt that you are the author.

  1. The first thing you do is contact us and send us your requirements. You can do it using the form at the bottom of the page or simply emailing us at [email protected].
  2. You then share with us your paper, report, article or blog, with some details of what you want us to do.
  3. Then, we connect on a Zoom or Google Meet call at a time that is convenient for you and your contact person at IHuS Research and understand your requirements in more detail. We understand what you need as the final product, the challenges and constraints you face and the delivery timelines that work for you.
  4. We then agree on a price and delivery timeline. This can happen on the aforementioned call if you have already shared your document or later via email/messages.
  5. Once you sign off, we start with the work. The contact person keeps you updated and answers your queries. If needed, we also share with you the document at different stages of edits.
  6. Once the work is complete, we hand it over to you as a first draft for feedback. We make any changes you may need to this draft and finalise the file, which we then deliver to you.
  7. We raise the invoice after the project is delivered and confirm when we receive the payment.
  8. The contact person may send you a feedback form so you can give us your feedback.
2000+ Projects
10+ Years
3+ Million Words

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Experienced Editors

Our editors and subject matter experts have years of experience across diverse industries

In-Depth Editing

In-depth editing and other content services ensure you are on top of everything

Diverse Experience

We have diverse industry backgrounds including business, finance, IT, healthcare and law

Original Content

Our detailed plagiarism checks ensure your paper or report is 100% original

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We are behind some of the bigger names in India and abroad

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