Content Strategy

What is Content Strategy?

Content strategy means planning and using your content in a way that maximises their effectiveness. It takes into account various factors such as:

  • The strength of your content,
  • Your ability to churn out meaningful content,
  • The demands for content across the web and other media,
  • Particulars of your industry such as the fundamentals that drive it, and its current and upcoming trends,
  • What your competition is doing,
  • User profiling and behaviour analysis,
  • Data analysis and so on.

Why is Content Strategy Essential?

Having a robust content strategy is the primary reason why companies succeed on the web and other media. The overall strategy requires different sub-strategies that may relate to your:

  • Billboards and outdoor communication,
  • Radio, TV and print,
  • Social media,
  • Your website and the web and beyond,
  • Internal newsletters, etc.

Each of these outlets will be further defined by:

  • The target audience,
  • The type of message (content),
  • The duration of the same,
  • The in-house capabilities you have, and so on.

The innumerable input factors that one has to consider make it virtually impossible for any organisation–business or otherwise–to keep track of what one needs to do at present for the near and mid-term future. The highly dynamic nature of communication adds more complexity to the situation. Moreover, on top of all is the ultimate need for a profitable ROI from the expenditure.

Nonetheless, the criticality of a content strategy for your success cannot be questioned. Let us put matters into perspective with an example. Say you are running a travel company. What you communicate to your partners, your existing customers, your website visitors, your employees will determine how successful your business will be. Are you able to make your partners follow the guidelines you have set up? Do your customers know you are doing everything possible to make their holiday memorable? A clear content strategy for the first will allow you to create a replicable model fast, while the having a strategy for the second will ensure your brand grows strong within a short span of time. Both are critical and you need to have clear guidelines on both in order to succeed. And that is why you need a strong, up-to-date, replicable content strategy.

How Our Content Strategy Services Help You?

We work with you to develop strategies for each of your target audience. We look at various factors such as:

Internal Aspects of Content Strategy

  • Business Profile including Products and Services
  • Business Strategy for Short-, Mid- and Long-Term
  • Larger and Smaller Goals and Strategy
  • Management Strength
  • Employees and HR Management Policies
  • Content Creation, Management and Governance
  • Current and Future Budget
  • Return on Investment Required

External Aspects of Content Strategy

  • Industry Fundamentals and Trends
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Audience Profile and Reach
  • Communication / Marketing Channels
  • User Experience (UX) and Feedback
  • Content Duration

These are just some of the larger factors that we look at. Each of them has its own complexities and need further analysis to get to a feasible solution. For example, User Experience or UX will involve looking at the type of experience you want to provide and the impression you want to create, the navigation of the site or the app that users will use, the devices where they will use the site or app, time you want them to spend reading your content and so on.

We understand that looking at each of these aspects will require you to spend months on research–time you do not have. That’s why we work for you so you can focus on your core work of growing your business. Our ground up approach offers you services that give results. From understanding your plans and your visions to keeping you updated of progress, we do it all. Contact us to know more.