Corporate Content

IHuS has extensive expertise in corporate content. We understand the need for reliable, dependable communication that is based on facts and tells the world about a business in the best way possible. We also understand the implications of this information as it forms the foundation for brand awareness, employee goodwill, and partner and customer relationship management.

Corporate Content Writing Services

Our Corporate Content Writing solutions include, among others, traditional and/or multimedia forms of:

  • News reports / Press releases
  • Company profiles
  • Company factsheets
  • Blogs: Corporate or product or service blogs
  • External and internal newsletters
  • Case studies
  • Brochures

Our forte lies in our presentation of the information in lucid and concise manner. We understand the multiple demands on the time of your audience and ensure that they get your facts, figures and numbers in the easiest way possible. This ensures they ‘get’ your story and appreciate the effort you have made in making it concise and yet more comprehensible than your peers.


Our corporate content deliverables allow you to communicate better to your customers and partners, your employees and shareholders, and the press and media. IHuS Research’s solutions allow you to present your information in a fun, friendly, insightful and even interactive manner.


Contact us for any query and we will come up with custom quality corporate content solutions that will surprise and delight you.