Financial Content

At IHuS, we have created financial content for some years now. We have worked on banking, asset management and insurance products and have capabilities to handle investor relations content for publicly listed companies across all sectors and markets.


We know the importance of facts in this domain and can create factual and research-based content collaterals for different end usage. We also appreciate the implications of this information as it forms the basis for analyses, calculations and planning–both on an enterprise level and on an individual basis.

Financial Content Writing Services

Our Financial Content Writing solutions include, among others, textual and/or multimedia forms of:

  • Financial reports: Annual and Quarterly reports plus one-off reports
  • Chairman and management reports
  • Investor presentations
  • Road-show presentations
  • Newsletters
  • Case studies

Our strength lies in our capabilities to understand the information and present it in a reader-friendly style. We ensure that your audience ‘gets’ your numbers and their implications in the most positive way possible.


We can deliver financial communication collaterals in textual, presentational, and multimedia formats. This means you can provide the same information with different levels of data insights in different media to varied stakeholders. For example, industry analysts can get a presentation, shareholders a detailed but lucid report, and press and media sources a video that shows the key points and is easy for them to share on their websites.


Whether you are a bank providing weekly insights on market performance or a business news company providing information on different financial products, we can take care of it all for you. Our familiarity with large datasets and our financial research capabilities further help you to get comprehensive solutions for your needs. This means you do not have to waste energy and resources looking for different players to take care of different financial content and research needs.


With IHuS Research as your financial content writing solutions provider, you can focus on core aspects of your business while the outreach and communication collaterals can be handled by us. The fact that we use a methodology and process-based approach that keeps you updated at all times of what is happening helps you to deliver the products to the end-audience on time without any hiccups.


There are so many ways we can help you with your financial content needs. Call/email us or use the Contact Us form to let us know of your needs. We will revert as soon as possible on your query.