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for You with Our Digital+ Marketing Services

Definite Success

You deliver definite results and help you achieve your business goals with certainty

Sales Growth

You witness considerable growth in your revenue with our optimised SEO plans

Full Solutions Suite

End-to-end solutions give you everything from SEO & social media to ads & emails

Better ROI

Our results guarantee that you get better ROI from your investment in our solutions


for You with Our Digital+ Marketing Services

Custom Solution

Each plan is customised to suit your short to long-term goals. You get exactly what you need

All of SEO

On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO: we take care of every aspect of search optimisation

Full DM Offering

Each SEO plan is a full-scale digital marketing pack that includes everything you need to achieve your vision

Short to Long Term

Whether you need us for a short duration or want us to be a part of your team, we have your back

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You May Have Some Questions

The nature of the web and search algorithms make it impossible to guarantee results. But from what we have seen in the last decade, we are able to deliver on our promises. We think of it like preparing for an exam: if you prepare well, you pass with great results.

SEO is a long-term strategy. Results start to show slowly from the third month onwards. What is done in, say, 12 months starts showing results after 15-18 months. Results show up faster when more people visit your site. And getting more visitors to a site is what takes time.

Our SEO plans already have social media strategies built in. We give you a proper online marketing/digital marketing plan, not just plain vanilla SEO – though we call it just SEO. The reason is that SEO does not work without a proper social media strategy in place.

Think of SEO as an extension of your marketing. It has become an integral part of your interaction with your stakeholders. We would suggest you always continue with SEO like with your marketing but at the very least, we suggest you give it 6 months to a year.

Except for the first month, which you have to pay before we start our services, we bill you at the end of each month from the second month onwards. The last date for payment is the 10th of the month after the month in which the services were offered.

Our goal is to offer more than what our clients pay. We have kept our prices highly competitive. We take care of everything – on-page, off-page, technical SEO, content – all of this has a cost. Please check our section on the comparative costing below to understand the real cost.

Yes, our website template customers are eligible for discounts on our other services. We offer a discount of 5% on our SEO services from the second month to the sixth month for our website template customers.

Yes, you can cancel any time you want. We just need a 30-day notice so we can wind up our services for you and give you the final reports on what we have done. It always helps if you let us know in advance of your timeline so we can focus on getting the best results possible for you in that time.

Cost Comparison

Or Why Hiring Us for Your Digital Marketing Makes Sense

If You Hire an In-House Team

For example, our Hero SEO plan will require that you hire 2 people at the very least. This is because of the nature of the work. Firstly, you will need someone with extensive content creation expertise – articles, blogs, posts, presentations, images, infographics, videos, etc. Then, you will need a digital marketing expert who can take care of search engine result ranking, social media, content marketing and so on.

The salaries of the two people will add up to more than the cost of our Hero plan. To this, you will have to add other OPEX, meaning the cost will likely be more than our price.

A key point to remember is that you will need an expert to direct the work.

We have noticed that hiring people without adequate experience hurts business finances and drastically impairs future growth.

Managing 2-3 external specialists to achieve a desired goal is difficult.

Furthermore, you will need an in-house expert to direct, coordinate and integrate the disparate deliverables to get the necessary results. In other words, your costs add up.

If You Hire SMEs or Consultants

You can hire subject matter experts or specialist consultants who can take care of the work. The standard rate for people with 1-2 years of experience starts from around $10 an hour and they will likely be able to replicate what we do in the Hero package in around 240-250 hours. In other words, around $2,400-$2,500 a month for two experts.

It is likely that you will find good people. The caveat is that you will have to continue working with the same people over time. Finding new people to do the work will break any continuity and will be akin to simply giving away your money for nothing.

Digital+ Marketing Services

Leverage All Traditional and Digital Marketing Channels

Reaching and engaging your audience in a hyper-connected world of information glut is becoming more challenging every day.

When everybody is using social media and online promotion as a tool to reach a larger audience, how do you compete and succeed?

This is where Digital+ helps you.

We offer a broad spectrum of digitally enabled solutions that are customised just for you. Whether you are targeting a larger audience or a niche spectrum, our services help you to be heard, to engage more meaningfully and deliver value where everybody else is just adding to the noise.


Search engine optimisation that does more than just off-page or on-page SEO. We develop strategies that work for you and build your organic online presence in lines with decided goals. This means you get to target the head in addition to the long tail.


Search engine marketing is the most misunderstood and misused forms of brand promotion in the market. Early adopters achieved results in a nascent market and those that follow expect similar results from old-age strategies, not realising that competition, technology and awareness has changed the paradigms. Our search engine marketing or SEM services allow you to reach the right audience, track results and optimise the ad spend to deliver better ROI.


Social media remains and is likely to remain in the near future the most dependable way to engage with the customer and build a loyal customer base. Unfortunately, businesses adopt a lazy approach that erodes customer trust and brand goodwill. Social media presence has to be defined on clear strategies and has to goal-based.


Ranks second to SEM in terms of misunderstanding and underutilisation. Following the herd has yielded results that have dented ROI and helped neither to create genuine enquiries and leads or build on customer loyalty. What is needed? Smart AND hard work. Either one on its own will not work.


Press releases have been around for decades, well before the internet revolution. Though the results were never questionable, the emergence of online platforms did shift the focus away from this very effective way to connect. The proliferation of bad content, however, has marked a comeback for this old warhorse and it can deliver in swoop results that years of bad online promotion is not able to.


Do you see the billboards that line your daily commute? From cars to online shows, OOH has been able to stand tall despite the online onslaught. The challenge is to deliver a clear concise message and stay at top of minds well after the ad has been removed. We create copy that can be customised to each billboard and deliver a strong message that goes beyond the split-second mobile screen.


The rise of YouTube is heralded by all marketing gurus but still not leveraged by businesses. Is it a wonder that so much trash exists on this most user-friendly medium? Whether you prefer sensationalism or fact-based reports, video is the platform that takes you from zero to an industry leader. We create single videos, a series for a channel, documentaries and ads.


With everyone focusing on the visual medium, the auditory marketing channels are either filled with bad ads or too much radio noise. Niche podcasts for a select audience are underutilised and have a very strong pull power to target the long tail. We help you get in front of this early adopter audience, and build a loyal line of customers.

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