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You deliver definite results and help you achieve your business goals with certainty

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You witness considerable growth in your revenue with our optimised plans

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End-to-end solutions give you everything from software & web apps to ads & funnels

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for Businesses with Our Marketing Agency

Custom Solution

Each service is customised to suit your short to long-term goals. You get exactly what you need

All of SEO

Websites, Apps, Branding, PR, Print, OOH: our marketing agency solutions take care of every aspect

Full-Scale Services

Our services come as full-scale web and marketing agency solutions that help you achieve your vision

Short to Long Term

Whether you need us for a short duration or want us to be a part of your team, we have your back

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You May Have Some Questions

From what we have seen over the years, we are able to deliver on our promises. Think of internet marketing services like preparing for an exam: if you prepare well, you pass with great results.
But please remember that the nature of the web and search algorithms makes it difficult to predict results.

Internet marketing or digital marketing and specifically SEO need a long-term strategy. Results start to show slowly from the third month onwards. What is done in, say, 12 months starts showing results after 15-18 months. Results show up faster when more people visit your site. And getting more visitors to a site is what takes time.

Our custom and prebuilt digital marketing plans already have online marketing and social media strategies built in. We give you a proper online marketing/digital marketing plan, not just plain vanilla SEO – though we call it just SEO to make it a Solution-As-A-Product.

Think of online marketing as an extension of your regular marketing. Web marketing has become an integral part of your interaction with your stakeholders. We would suggest you always continue with Digital Marketing like with your regular marketing but if not then, at the very least, we suggest you give it 6 months to a year.

For custom services, we bill based on the terms of the contract.
For monthly services such as SEO or online marketing, we bill you at the end of each month from the second month onwards. The last date for payment is the 10th of the month after the month in which the services were offered. For the first month, we bill you at the start.

Our goal is to offer more than what our clients pay. We have kept our prices highly competitive. For instance, in our SEO plans, we take care of everything – on-page, off-page, technical SEO, content – all of this has a cost. Please check our section on the comparative costing below to understand the real cost.

Yes, our website template customers are eligible for discounts on our other services. For instance, we offer a discount of 5% on our SEO services from the second month to the sixth month for our website template customers.

Yes, you can cancel any time you want. We just need a 30-day notice so we can wind up our services for you and give you the final reports on what we have done. It always helps if you let us know in advance of your timeline so we can focus on getting the best results possible for you in that time.

Cost Comparison

Or Why Hiring Us As Your Marketing Agency Makes Sense

If You Hire an In-House Team

For example, our Hero SEO plan will require that you hire 2 people at the very least. This is because of the nature of the work. Firstly, you will need someone with extensive content creation expertise – articles, blogs, posts, presentations, images, infographics, videos, etc. Then, you will need a digital marketing expert who can take care of search engine result ranking, social media, content marketing and so on.

The salaries of the two people will add up to more than the cost of our Hero plan. To this, you will have to add other OPEX, meaning the cost will likely be more than our price.

A key point to remember is that you will need an expert to direct the work.

We have noticed that hiring people without adequate experience hurts business finances and drastically impairs future growth.

Managing 2-3 external specialists to achieve a desired goal is difficult.

Furthermore, you will need an in-house expert to direct, coordinate and integrate the disparate deliverables to get the necessary results. In other words, your costs add up.

If You Hire SMEs or Consultants

You can hire subject matter experts or specialist consultants who can take care of the work. The standard rate for people with 1-2 years of experience starts from around $10 an hour and they will likely be able to replicate what we do in the Hero package in around 240-250 hours. In other words, around $2,400-$2,500 a month for two experts.

You will likely find good people for your business. The caveat is that you will have to continue working with the same people over time. Finding new people to do the work will break any continuity and be akin to simply giving away your money for nothing.

ClickBiz End2End Marketing Agency

From AI, Websites and Apps to Strategy and Marketing

Our End2End Web and Marketing Agency Solutions take care of your entire digital presence and brand marketing lifecycles.

From Websites to Apps, from Digital Marketing to Traditional Advertising, we handle each aspect of your online presence with our Marketing Agency Services.

Most businesses have to run from one vendor to the next to take care of related solutions. For instance, the website developer may not be able to deliver an app on the same level as the website. Similarly, someone who offers SEO may not be able to take care of OOH or PR.

At ClickBiz, we understand that a business owner or manager can either focus on her core job or get lost in a myriad of unrelated matters. Since each aspect of online presence and branding is related to the business and has an end objective of raising public awareness (of the business), our End2End Marketing Agency Services build on and leverage each aspect to deliver a holistic solution.

The branding agency solutions have the final objective of making the public more aware of the brand. We serve as a full service agency and ensure entrepreneurs or business managers get solutions that are interconnected and unleash considerable synergies to cement positing and supercharge growth initiatives.

Site Development

We take care of each aspect of the website design and development process

  1. Project Discovery: Understand the client’s goals, target audience, and requirements.
  2. Planning: Create a project plan, sitemap, and define the website’s structure and functionality.
  3. Design: Develop the visual elements, including layout, colors, typography, and user interface (UI) design.
  4. Content Creation: Write, gather, or optimize content for the website, including text, images, videos, and other media.
  5. Front-end Development: Code the website’s user interface using HTML, CSS, and sometimes JavaScript for interactivity.
  6. Back-end Development: Build the server-side functionality, databases, and application logic using languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, or JavaScript (Node.js).
  7. Integration: Integrate third-party tools or services like payment gateways, social media, or e-commerce platforms.
  8. Testing: Conduct thorough testing to ensure the website works correctly on different devices and browsers, including functionality, performance, and security testing.
  9. Optimization: Optimize the website for speed, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and user experience (UX).
  10. Content Management System (CMS): Implement a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, or custom CMS for easier content management.
  11. Launch: Deploy the website to a hosting server and make it live to the public.
  12. Post-launch Support: Provide ongoing maintenance, updates, and support to ensure the website continues to function smoothly.
  13. Marketing and Promotion: Develop a strategy for promoting the website through digital marketing, SEO, and other channels.
  14. Analytics: Set up analytics tools like Google Analytics to monitor website performance and user behavior.
  15. Feedback and Iteration: Gather feedback from users and clients and make necessary improvements or updates.
  16. Security: Implement security measures to protect the website from potential threats and vulnerabilities.
  17. Backup and Recovery: Establish regular backup procedures and a plan for disaster recovery.
  18. Training: Train the client or their team on how to use and manage the website effectively.
  19. Documentation: Create documentation for the website’s architecture, codebase, and CMS usage.
  20. Final Review and Sign-off: Ensure that the client is satisfied with the final product and obtain their approval.

App Development

We build apps across different industries and different end-purposes for both Android and iOS

  1. Concept and Idea Generation: Brainstorm and define the app concept, purpose, and target audience.
  2. Market Research: Conduct research to understand the competitive landscape, user needs, and market trends.
  3. Project Planning: Create a project plan, including goals, scope, budget, and timeline.
  4. Wireframing and Prototyping: Create wireframes and prototypes to visualize the app’s layout, navigation, and user interface (UI).
  5. UI/UX Design: Design the app’s user interface, focusing on usability, user experience (UX), and aesthetics.
  6. Front-end Development: Develop the app’s user interface using programming languages such as Swift (for iOS) or Java/Kotlin (for Android).
  7. Back-end Development: Build the server-side functionality, databases, and APIs to support the app’s features.
  8. Database Design: Design the database schema and structure to store and manage app data efficiently.
  9. Integration: Integrate third-party APIs, services, or libraries for features like authentication, payment processing, and social media sharing.
  10. Coding and Programming: Write the app’s code, following best practices and coding standards.
  11. Testing: Conduct thorough testing, including functional, usability, performance, and security testing.
  12. Quality Assurance (QA): Identify and resolve any bugs or issues found during testing.
  13. Optimization: Optimize the app’s performance, memory usage, and loading times.
  14. Cross-platform Development: If necessary, develop the app for multiple platforms (e.g., iOS, Android) using cross-platform frameworks like React Native or Flutter.
  15. App Store Submission: Prepare and submit the app to app stores (e.g., Apple App Store, Google Play Store).
  16. Marketing and Promotion: Develop a strategy for app promotion and user acquisition.
  17. Analytics and User Feedback: Implement analytics tools to track user behavior and gather feedback for improvements.
  18. App Updates and Maintenance: Provide ongoing updates, bug fixes, and support for the app.
  19. Security: Implement security measures to protect user data and the app from potential threats.
  20. Documentation: Create documentation for the app’s architecture, codebase, and usage.
  21. User Training: If necessary, provide user training or tutorials to help users understand how to use the app effectively.
  22. Legal and Compliance: Ensure the app complies with legal and regulatory requirements, such as data privacy and accessibility.
  23. Monetization Strategy: If applicable, define the app’s monetization strategy, such as in-app purchases, ads, or subscription models.
  24. Feedback and Iteration: Continuously gather user feedback and make updates or enhancements to the app based on user needs and market changes.

Traditional Media

Leveraging traditional media to reach niche consumer cohorts

  • Print
  • Video
  • Audio
  • PR
  • OOH

Digital Marketing

Marketing agency offering end-to-end online marketing services

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • SMO
  • SMM
  • Emails
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