Customise Website Design

How to Customise Our Website Designs

The world of website design and development is very dynamic, which, in turn, means that you always need to keep your website updated with the latest design trends. The power to customise your website within a few minutes, therefore, is like a superpower and helps you unlock the full potential of your online presence. Our WordPress templates not only empower you with a variety of options but also provide you with an easy interface to seamlessly personalise your website.
In this short guide, we will look at how you can customise our website designs, tailoring them to suit your unique needs and preferences.

1. Embrace Different Page Templates for a New Look

Our website templates come equipped with specially designed page templates, allowing you to transform the look and feel of your site within minutes. Select from a range of templates to effortlessly create a distinct online identity. Whether you want a home page with the top section (called Hero section) with an image in the background or just text, you need just 4 clicks of your mouse to change and save the new look. It’s that easy.

2. Change the Look and Feel with Ease

The flexibility of our templates extends to the very core of their design. Alter the appearance of your website effortlessly, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your brand image and desired aesthetic. If you want to change the entire look of the page, you don’t have to change one section at a time, you can simply just choose a new template and copy your content to the new page to get a completely new look – from the images to the UI-UX.  

3. Personalise the Colour Palette

Align your website with your organisation’s colour scheme effortlessly. Our templates provide the option to customise the colour palette, ensuring visual harmony with your brand identity. You can choose between 3 colour palettes or ask us to create a few completely brand-new ones for you when you hand over your website. You can use the one you like or if you already have a colour scheme for your business or organisation, then use the scheme that aligns with the company colours.

4. Add Content and Images Using Set Templates

Streamline the content creation process with set templates for various types of content. Easily add and manage text, images, and multimedia elements, ensuring a cohesive and engaging user experience. It’s as easy as simple drag and drop. Moreover, you can change the typography with an easy template-based interface.

5. Enhance Speed and Agility

Speed is of the essence in the online world. Our website templates are designed for optimal performance, ensuring swift loading times and seamless navigation for your visitors. From the image sizes to the sections on the page, each area has been given specific attention to ensure it does not create any lag on the speed of the webpage and the website as a whole.

6. Effortlessly Promote Your Site on Search Engines

Maximise your site’s visibility with our SEO-friendly website templates. Easily manage metadata, headers, and other elements to enhance your site’s ranking on search engine results. We add one of the top SEO plugins for you, which allows you to easily add and edit the meta and even go technical on the page SEO. If you are unsure about it, you can easily opt for one of our SEO packages to get you up front and centre of your audience.

7. Manage Images and Videos with Folders

Simplify the organisation of multimedia content with our intuitive folder management system. Easily categorise and manage images and videos to enhance the overall user experience. We bring you a tool that may seem superfluous if you have only a couple of images on your site but since we all know a picture speaks a thousand words, you will find this feature invaluable when you grow your website.

8. Enjoy Seamless Customisation Whenever You Want

Your website is an evolving entity. Our templates offer seamless customisation whenever you desire, ensuring your site stays in sync with your evolving business goals. Just reach out to us and we will help you get sorted with this right away. If you want to know more about what we bring to the table, just book your free 30-minute free consultation and see if we make sense for you.

9. Exclusive Freebies and Add-Ons

Experience the advantage of free domain registration, free hosting, and free annual maintenance – perks that set us apart. Our commitment to providing unparalleled value ensures your journey in website development is not only seamless but also cost-effective. Just compare the cost advantages we bring over any other website developer or web designer and you will soon agree to this.

Conclusion: Your Website, Your Canvas

In the world of website design and development, customisation is the key to unlocking a unique online presence. With our templates, you not only gain access to powerful tools but also embark on a journey where your website becomes a true reflection of your brand identity and aspirations.