SEO for E-Commerce

The ubiquitous presence of e-commerce giants has made it tough for smaller players to survive in the market and establish a brand. Nonetheless, a large number of smaller players have been successful in establishing a name for themselves and become a force to reckon with, be it in niche sectors or across a diverse range of categories.


One of the primary reasons they have been able to do so is their focus on digital marketing, primarily SEO or search engine optimisation. SEO has helped and will continue to help e-commerce companies to achieve a sustainable online presence and attract more customers, which eventually results in increased sales and profits.


SEO provides a base to promote each aspect of business from new launches to addition of new product categories, or from season sales to flash sales, among others. SEO initiatives start taking effect in a span of a few months and allow a business to move up rapidly in search results. Moreover, the long-term effect of SEO processes further ensures that businesses are able to capitalise on optimisation efforts much more effectively than traditional marketing channels or even paid online campaigns.


Here is a small list of the benefits offered by e-commerce SEO.


  • E-commerce SEO enhances search visibility
  • It increases the brand value and recognition as people are more likely to click on first or second page results
  • Your website automatically becomes visible to the customers who are searching for related products online. This increases your brand value as a major e-commerce company
  • E-commerce SEO helps increase visitor numbers and consequently sales, thereby helping grow the business
  • SEO is cost-effective as it saves you from heavy expenditures on print advertising, hoardings / billboard adverting, TV advertisements, and affiliate commissions
  • E-commerce SEO creates a long-tem impact as once you rank on top in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), you can easily maintain that position through quality products and positive customer feedback


Why IHuS SEO Services?

At IHuS, we understand the critical need for e-commerce companies to scale up fast and become profitable as soon as possible.


Extensive Experience and Expertise: We have the capabilities to turn your venture into a successful e-commerce business. Our SEO and other digital marketing efforts (paid ad campaigns, social media management, etc.) are tailor-made for your specific needs. We help you stem your losses and reduce the cost footprint. We ensure your name quickly becomes a well-known brand in the field of e-commerce even as other e-commerce businesses fold up.


End-to-End Digital Marketing and Content Management: We have the expertise to provide a range of related services in addition to SEO. From social media marketing to demography- or geography-based content strategy, from quality product descriptions to overall content management, we can do it all. Our services allow you to focus on your core growth strategies and building up a strong infrastructural backbone for the business while all website management and brand promotion work can be left to us.


Significant Cost Savings: We provide a very cost-effective option to grow your business since you do not have to invest in website management or digital marketing teams with us by your side. In addition, we can scale up as per your needs. The savings in terms of IT and related infrastructure, operational costs, personnel management costs, etc. are immense and help you become profitable much more quickly.


To know more about how our skilled team of industry experts can make you rank at the top of search results pages as soon as possible, call us on +91-8800 ### ### or send an email to [email protected].