SEO for Real Estate

The downturn in the real estate market continues to affect businesses in the sector or related areas. Everyone from builders and brokers to architects and bath fitting manufacturers are feeling the effect as business continues to be slow.


Nonetheless, at the same time, there are a few players which have bucked the trend and continue to grow from strength to strength despite the gloom and doom that troubles their peers. Anyone keeping an eye on the market will know what these guys have been doing quietly and successfully for some years now – they are strengthening their brand, and following it up with stellar services.

What these players have realised is something any business eventually does – opportunity comes to those who are smart and prepared. They have done the smart work to become well-known brands and thereby attract people looking for real estate deals. As more and more customers rely on them, they are now reaping the rewards.


Thankfully, any real estate business (or one in a related industry) that wants to succeed like these firms can do so quite easily. All they need to do is follow two simple steps. The first is to build a successful brand online and the second is to provide exemplary services.


As with any businesses nowadays, any firm or company that wants to succeed will have to first focus on one core area – their online identity. And they way to get it done is through digital marketing, of which the foundation is search engine optimisation or SEO. Real estate players often mistake social media as the precursor to grow a strong brand, little realising that social media comes second and even third to search engine optimisation.


SEO for the real estate market is the need of the hour if players in this sector are ever to make a profit and get their industry up from the lows it has been facing for some years now.


Why IHuS SEO Services?

At IHuS, we have some exceptional reasons that make us the best choice for SEO for real estate players.


  • Industry Knowledge: At IHuS Research, our research and consultancy background has given us a detailed insight into the real estate sector. We have seen the market at its height in the later years of the last decade and seen it spiral down since the beginning of the sub-prime crisis. Our expertise allows us to help the clients not only strategise on their content but also on their products and services and thereby help them amp up their business growth.


  • End-to-End Services: In addition to real estate SEO services, we also offer social media marketing and management, paid campaign management services, content strategy solutions, promotional videos, website development and management services, etc. Our ability to take care of each aspect of the digital needs of a real estate businesses makes it easy for real estate firms, brokers, builders, architects, et al. to focus on their core work while we take care of the rest.


  • Results that Count: Businesses assume that having a social media profile is the way to attract customers, not realising that nearly everyone is thinking along the same lines and thereby cancelling out each other’s efforts. They also fail to see that potential customers do not look in social media for names of firms which will provide them the necessary services but rather turn to web search engines like Google. We understand these factors intuitively including what customers look for, and provide services that allow businesses to rank high on search results and leverage social media in a way that makes potential customers take notice.


  • Cost-Effective: Hiring us allows our clients to get the job done at a considerably low cost than hiring someone on their own for the long-term. Besides being able to ramp up or scale down as per client needs, we provide a host of services from social media management to paid campaign management as a part of a larger cost-effective digital marketing plan. The inclusive nature of our services allows our customers to garner efficiencies from a larger set of offerings at a highly discounted price.


  • Quality, Quality, Quality: Our focus on quality ensures our clients stand out head and shoulders above the competition. Everything from industry analysis and competitor mapping to link building and page optimisation is done with a focus on getting the site up in the rankings as quickly as possible. Moreover, our ethical work practices ensure that no guidelines from search engines are encroached upon at any point of time.


To know more about how we can help your real estate or related businesses quickly move up search engine result pages, please call +91-8800 ### ### or us at email [email protected].