Welcome to IHuS Research

This post originally appeared on our earlier website: ihusresearch.com

After two weeks of trying to agree on a template and fiddling with various options, we finally decided to launch a very basic version of our website on the web!

The idea was primarily to reassure our clients that we exist!  They seemed petrified that we were working without a web presence – so here we are! 

Are we happy with the website? Yes, we are! Ecstatic? No!

You will see quite a few ‘glitches’ on this website – rest assured, we see some of them too, but we have taken a decision to focus on our work first and play with the website later.

We realise this website has miles to go before it truly reflects our brand and our capabilities, but as of now, this version will be the ‘it’ – our grand ideas will, unfortunately, have to wait.

We will keep updating the news and events section – i.e. the ‘What we are doing’ page – with our minor and sometimes major milestones. So, please keep visiting the site to check the news and to view any changes that we have made.

Your feedback is important to us – feel free to post your comments or send us your thoughts through the contact us page.