How to Create Good Content for Marketing for Smartphone Users in 2017

More users access online content on their phones rather than large screen devices like a PC or laptop. Industry experts have been saying this for years. Yet, somehow, it does not seem to have produced the desired results. Many web managers and content marketers seem to be at a loss when asked about the subject. Changing technology seems to always be a step ahead of their best efforts. But creating good content for mobile users is not hard.

One of the major problems simply seems to be the website’s design. The elements realign, and the menus seem to work, but the size of the text and other visual elements are too small to read. Other problems include uninteresting content, lack of user focus, etc. These are easy problems to fix, if one takes the right approach. Here’s how you go about it:

Strong Foundation: Start off by ensuring that the website’s code can produce the desired results and layout on any device. You just have to let your web developers know what you need. Free flow of communication between designers and developers is essential to get a design that works and wows.

Mobile Websites: Dedicated websites for mobile devices are another option to consider. This lets designers ensure that the layout is familiar with what users experience on a larger screen without sacrificing usability. This can mean increased costs for development, but it is worth every penny, cent, or paisa you spend, maybe even more.

Optimised Content: The content on your website needs to be mobile-friendly too. If you are trying to achieve readability and user-friendliness, ensure that the content is optimised for that effect. The textual content needs to be short and crisp while any visual content must be understood without having to scroll up and down. Experienced website content writing firms can get the job done for you.

Engage Readers: Promoted content is important. But remember that a phone is not a TV or a magazine. Users do not like their interactions interrupted by ads. Instead, use content that is actually worth reading. Get professional help if you are unsure how to do it. A competent content writing firm (now offered with SEO) should be able to help you here.

Let Them Share: Social media interactions take up the most time for smartphone users. Social media marketing services have become essential to get their attention. To win your customers over, you will need to move away from traditionally accepted norms of advertising. Good content will be shared by readers and it drives conversations about your brand. Facilitate this process rather than trying to control it. Hire a good social media management company that can create this structure for you.

Even though technology is always changing, your audience can provide the stability you want in your content marketing efforts this year. Focus on the people – no matter what the platform, they will hang out with the same friends and talk about the same interests. Mould your content and digital marketing strategy around them and the results will follow.

Good luck.

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