Modern Marketing in the Age of a Maturing Internet

The term digital marketing has become ubiquitous for any organisation that wants to be perceived as modern. Even a cursory glance at evolving marketing trends shows how an entire economy has transformed its strategies for marketing with the emergence of digital media.

Looking back at the beginning of online marketing, few people today remember the garish ad banners that made their debut in the early 90s. Soon, obtrusive ads were all you would see whenever you opened any webpage. Early attempts at social networks were flooded with awkward promotional campaigns. With the new millennium, mobile marketing joined the family and the situation seemed to get even more complicated.

Thankfully, digital marketing evolved. The first half of the last decade saw a steady decline of the messy ads and digital marketing itself came of age. The focus shifted to content that actually mattered to the consumer. Search engines, particularly Google, got smarter. SEO companies evolved. Many questionable practices like keyword stuffing and link spamming are now history. More importantly, social media that kept us connected emerged as a platform for promotions that could work alongside online networks. Digital marketing is now less aggressive and engages customers instead of forcing them.

Yet, the fight is far from over. Even in a large market like India, there are still digital marketing campaigns that are reminiscent of the age of the flashing ad banner. Hiring amateurs to promote your brand can save you money at the onset, but the results will often backfire. Organisations need to realise how badly this hurts their image. The first step is to understand the difference between cheap and cost-effective. A good social media management firm in India will focus on helping you reach out to potential customers, not dissuade them. Your website, in a similar fashion, is an important tool. A reputed content writing firm in India can improve your brand’s credibility, both online and offline. Both of these services work together. You cannot afford to ignore one over the other.

Ideally, you can get both of these services from a single social media management firm in India. This will save you the cost of hiring a separate content writing firm. In India, most small businesses tend to control costs by trying to handle these crucial tasks themselves. But they are vital aspects of digital media marketing. To be truly effective, you would have to spend a lot of resources and time that are better utilised elsewhere. This job is best entrusted to professionals who have spent a lot of time figuring out how to use platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Now, a social media management firm can deliver the results you seek much more quickly than you may imagine. Further, the fluidity of social media allows companies to work on both short-term and long-term goals simultaneously. Done correctly, a quick response can have a significant impact on capitalising on an opportunity to drive your business forward.

Personalisation is already a major driver in digital marketing. In the future, the focus on transparency is expected to rise. The best content writing firms in India (now offered only with SEO) are already responding to this. Big data will be involved and analytics will drive and help interpret the result of digital marketing. The industry is now leaning towards the practice called ‘Agile Marketing,’ which can be described as using data and analyses to come up with effective digital marketing campaigns that can achieve quicker results. The immediacy of developing and finalising products and associated marketing campaigns are expected to be more intertwined than ever.

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