Time to Rethink Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing needs a fresh approach. Tried and tested methods are failing and CMOs are left nonplussed. Simply increasing budgets and throwing out more of the same will not work. Not anymore. Customers are already bombarded with an overdose of marketing content. People turn on their televisions to see ad banners taking up half the screen. Commercial breaks on the radio are longer than the songs that play between them. Even social media websites are filled with poorly crafted marketing campaigns that users are forced to navigate before they can say hello to their friends. Is it really surprising when people start looking for ways to avoid all forms of advertising?

CMOs have been forced to deal with browser-based ad blockers for some time now. Unfortunately, the response has not exactly been mature. Many sites now simply redirect to a page that asks them to remove or disable the ad blocker. Others use full-screen pop-ups that hide the real content the users want to get to. You can argue that ads generate revenue for sites and bypassing them is counterproductive to the interests of the reader in the long run, but guess what – your customers don’t care. They will invariably simply turn to another source and the real loser is your website traffic.

The thick-headed response to ad blockers displays a serious lack of understanding on the part of marketing departments, and quite frankly, it is insulting to your target audience. Forcing someone to watch an ad should ring alarm bells across the industry. Sadly, most CMOs are still living under a rock.

Thankfully, the solution, or at least the pathway to it, is incredibly simple. Progressive CMOs and entrepreneurs are willing and transforming their digital marketing strategy with an eye on the future. CMOs need to understand that the internet, like most other forms of media, is for the people. It is also a platform for hosting your marketing campaigns but that is not its sole or even primary purpose. Instead of depending on advertising alone, your focus needs to shift to what a user really wants to see and read. If your content is compelling and original, it will draw in your customers. If you have trouble doing it yourself, hire a competent content writing firm. For all the platitudes thrown around about fresh and original content, many businesses fail to get it right themselves. Your content should not simply be focused on or be driven by your keywords. After all, you do not buy petrol before you buy a car. Good content, backed up by sound research, will almost always include the keywords and phrases you want without having to ram them in.

This principle can be extended to your social media campaigns. In a country famous for cringe-worthy social media campaigns, you need to evolve or be left behind. Proficient social media management firms in India can help you solidify your reach and truly engage with your customers. The content you put on social media is at least as important, if not more, than that of your website. It is important to share what your customers will want to read, whether out of interest or curiosity.

Putting yourself in the limelight is blasé and will not impress your customers. Instead, focus on them and they will shine the light on you.

This post originally appeared on our earlier website: ihusresearch.com